Advance Directives


The purpose of this policy is to provide an atmosphere of respect and caring and to ensure that each patient’s ability and right to participate in medical decision making is maximized and not compromised as a result of admission for care through Pacific Surgery Center.  Additionally, the purpose of this policy is to assure compliance with the Patient Self-Determination Act (PSDA) in such a manner as to expand the patient, personnel and community knowledge base regarding advance directives and the process by which patient participation in medical decision making is carried out at this facility.


It is the policy of Pacific Surgery Center to respect patient self-determination as stated in the above purpose.  Surgery and procedures done at Pacific Surgery are elective procedures and have a short duration, therefore, if necessary, Pacific Surgery Center staff and providers will always attempt to resuscitate a patient and then transfer that patient to a hospital in the event of deterioration.


• Prior to care at Pacific Surgery Center, all patients and/or their surrogates will be informed of this policy. Acknowledgment of receipt of this policy will be documented in the medical record.   If the patient presents with an advance directive, a copy of the Advance Directive will be placed in the patient’s chart.  If the patient/surrogate requests, an official state advance directive form will be made available.

• In the event of a transfer of the patient to another facility, every effort will be made to send a copy of the Advance Directive to that facility.

• The administrator of Pacific Surgery Center shall periodically monitor the legal status of Advance Medical Directives and will track State and Federal Regulations as they are modified.

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